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Ueda Hiroshi, artist for the Tiger and Bunny manga 

That armor

Bike rides

Today I road my bike all the up to Forest Park. I have not ridden that far in so long!!

It was really good exercise though. Anthony and I chilled and then we saw Edanry. Which we still haven’t talked about camping either!

Anthony and I also discussed further religion vs. Jesus. How ultimately Jesus is the cause behind most religions ideologies in the conditions of kindness and treatment towards one another. However the faith of Jesus is different cause its power. So it was interesting to speak about, not the first time we’ve had the conversation.

Although I’d must admit the lifestyle I’ve been living has become boring. Its lost its luster, the drugs, sex and music its just all so self destructive. Yet I like it. However I must find new things to indulge in.

Like today for example being at the park pretty much all day. It was so relaxing. Tomorrow’s Tuesday and I won’t be meeting the guys at the coffee shop. But I’ll be going to the Burgerons instead which is always fun. I can show Kate I got NY drivers license :3 so she’ll be proud of me with that haha.

Also I’ve been waiting so long for Magi and it still isn’t translated yet. Whyyy manga must you be translated so late Dx

Mid evil era lol


Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask fanart made by me c;
Made in Paint Tool Sai

Sooooo good

squall “no one is going to touch this virginity” leonhart

I lol so hard
Tats are hawt ;D

by ころな

:O this is adorable vaporeon!!!!